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The Real Estate Revenue is a dedicated media for real estate and property investment education. It is also a source for independent news and information for property investors and astute buyers, so they can make informed property investment decisions.

TRER is enriching individuals and investors with valuable insights that will aid informed investment decisions and contribute to their income.

Whether you are a real estate agency looking for a place to list your properties, or you’re an investor searching for insights or an individual who just wants to own a home, we are here for you!

The Real Estate Revenue is founded by OWEN J. SHEDRACK as a subsidiary of Media Cero, Inc.

“I have been writing for a couple of years, and I’ve learnt that getting passionate about property is easy. Getting it right is trickier. I intend for The Real Estate Revenue to be a real estate central in Africa, providing the essential news and analysis on the ins and outs of real estate and property investment. We will cover the capital cities, up and down the coast, and inland to the regional towns and the bush. – Owen J. Shedrack

We will offer plenty of authoritative coverage about the homes we live in and the investments that top up our incomes.

The Real Estate Revenue will showcase the best houses and apartments and all the big-name buyers and sellers. We will also keep a watchful eye on new developments, and the trends that keep the community on frenzy.

The Real Estate Revenue will capture the changing seasons – we will write about homes, vineyards, lodges, marinas and even the occasional beach bathing box. We aim to be of interest to the owner-occupier and the investor, given that population and investment funds are more fluid than ever.

We intend for a commercial investment property to be a key component, especially the opportunities on our high street and cities –  retail neighbourhood shops, small strata offices, pubs and industrial strata. All are suitable for the self-managed super fund investor.

The website will offer wisdom on winning ways with property commentary from key economic and industry practitioners. We won’t overlook the property fundamentals, conveyancing clues, legal rulings and tax advice.

It’s not just about bricks and mortar, as The Real Estate Revenue will provide tailored and actionable information with interviews of the movers and shakers.

We want our readers to get wisdom, not clichés. And that way we’ll all be wealthier.”

About The Publisher, The Real Estate Revenue

PUBLISHER AND EDITOR AT LARGE: Owen J. Shedrack is very passionate about publishing and information sharing. His journey began as a writer who then went on to establish Media Cero Inc., a media, digital marketing and software development agency with subsidiaries like the Education Media LLC and The Real Estate Revenue. Owen is a professional Teacher, an educational technologist, business developer and marketing strategist with a pool of experiences across key sectors utilising the digital media.

He founded The Real Estate Revenue in July 2017 with a mission to provide valuable information for individuals and investors in real estate and property development to help them make informed decisions thereby increasing their wealth and reducing homelessness while becoming the number one website for its niche coverage. The Real Estate Revenue is intended to serve the African region as a hub for real estate and property investment education.

The Real Estate Revenue gives advertisers access to a highly targeted audience of astute buyers and investors. Our solutions include partnerships, display advertising, education webinars, e-books, sponsored links and sections. The Real Estate Revenue will tailor a campaign specific to your needs.

For any advertising inquiries, please contact sales@therealestaterevenue.com


The Real Estate Revenue is written by a team of paid in-house and external freelance journalists. Opinion pieces from experts and commentary from industry leaders are also regularly published. Pitches are welcome here

Vision. Unrestricted.

We want to reduce homeless and create wealth in Africa, by empowering individuals and investors with valuable investment information in real estate and property development.

Meet our team

Owen J. Shedrack

Owen J. Shedrack
Founder and Publisher

Oluebube Josephine

Ugonnaya Josephine

James Udom

James Udom
Business Development Manager

Okolie Chinonso

Okolie Chinonso
Marketing Manager

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