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The Inaugural TRER 50 List by The Real Estate Revenue

The Inaugural TRER 50 List by The Real Estate Revenue


TRER 50 is an annual list conceived by Owen J. Shedrack, compiled and published by The Real Estate Revenue. They include TRER 50 Company and TRER 50 Person.

TRER 50 Company

The TRER 50 Company ranks 50 of the most impact based and development driven corporations (whether public or private) in Nigeria servicing the real estate and property sector using indices like total revenue for their respective fiscal years, holdings, social signals, workplace considerations and market share. The first listing which would leverage more on social signals, holdings and portfolios by these corporations will be published in the third quarter of 2019.

Considerations are given to the following classifications: Construction, Procurement, Financing, Servicing, Media, Agency and any other sector-relevant businesses.

Our 1st Annual TRER 50: 2019 Ranking

In the next five years, we intend for the TRER 50 ranking to go strong and more competitive. We hope to see more than 1,000 companies apply for this year’s ranking, and we hope to see inspiring trends revealed as well as the companies that will continue to evolve to keep going strong year after year.


We are proud to present TRER 50®. From policies to regulations to trends to demographics, the real estate industry has experienced its fair share of change. But the industry keeps going strong, offering sector-relevant businesses of all different stripes an effective mode of expansion, and affording thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to open their own businesses contributing immensely to the country’s GDP. And The Real Estate revenue continues to celebrate the individuals and businesses behind the silent impact and we’ll continue to do this yearly.

Here’s a peek into our ranking criteria and process.


Some key factors that go into our evaluation:


  • Business focus and target market
  • Total investment portfolio
  • Impact and corporate social responsibility
  • Corporate culture


  • Open & operating units
  • Growth rate
  • Closures


  • Social media
  • System size
  • Years in business

FINANCIAL STRENGTH & STABILITY: Business’ audited financial statements or public financial information available.

Note: Pillars and factors are not listed in order of importance.

TRER 50 Person

The TRER 50 Person ranks the 50 most influential people in the real estate sector. It is from the need to recognize people making a significant impact and achieving milestones in the sector.

The final list of influential individuals is exclusively chosen by “The Real Estate Revenue” editors with nominations coming from the public, TRER 50 Person Alumni, and the writing staff.

Selection criteria
The TRER 50 person is determined by three key factors among a host of others: Individual portfolio, impact and influence as well as recorded milestones and achievements.

The first step in determining the ranking is gathering the data. Beginning in April 2019, we asked the public, our staff and editors to fill out our online form. Submissions are then vetted by our editorial team before being entered for data analysis.

To be eligible to rank, you must be a practising professional as well as a registered business in full operation in Nigeria and Africa.

Note: The TRER 50 is not intended to endorse, advertise, or recommend any particular individual or business. We request you handle your private information and disclose only true and relevant information while nominating or submitting a form. We, however, do not disclose user data in line with our privacy policy.

Make your nomination here.



Owen J. Shedrack

Teacher, educational-technologist, business developer, new media specialist and marketing strategist with more than 5 years experience in marketing across a wide range of sector. Founder, Groth HQ.

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